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How to Reduce Film Dosage in Film Covering Machine

2019-05-31DMS Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

The power device of the Film-covering machine is the motor, which can be said to be the heart of the Film-covering machine. In order to make the life of the Film-covering machine more lasting, the motor is the fundamental guarantee. Therefore, as the power source of the film covering machine, the maintenance and protection of the motor is an important link in the maintenance process.
Correct operation and rational use of motors will extend the service life of the film covering machine, provide a higher utilization rate of the film covering machine, and save you some cost. It also alleviates some of the burden of after-sales service for manufacturers.
Then how to reduce the loss of motor and extend the life of film covering machine? In operation, we should pay attention to the following items.
1. Clean up debris, dust on motor, adjacent debris, and keep away from flammable and explosive articles.
2. Before starting, check whether the machine rotates in circulation, whether it is stuck or blocked, and whether the belt connection is normal. If there is any abnormality, do not continue to start the film mulching machine.
3. When starting, the voltage should correspond to the additional voltage. It is not suitable to start the Film-covering machine if the voltage is too high or too low. The general voltage value is about 5-10% of the additional voltage value.
4. After the motor breaks down, the power supply must be cut off, and it can not be used continuously. Professionals should be found to repair it.
The amount of film used in Film-covering machine is mainly related to the operation level. It is suggested that:
1. The products to be constructed must be straight. Uneven paper with "lotus leaf edge" and "tight edge" should be treated. "Lotus leaf edge" paper can be baked, while "tight edge" paper can be hanging and airing.
2. Must wait for the imprinting to be dried thoroughly before the film can be covered. Otherwise, it will form blistering or brushing phenomenon.
3. Spray powder as little as possible during printing, otherwise it will form vacuole and foam at the powder heap. Before coating, powder spraying should be disposed of. If the printing number is large, the powder can be hanged and dried, and if the printing number is small, the powder can be wiped artificially.
4. Paper filament orientation, especially thick paper, should also be paid attention to during film coating, so as to reduce the bending of paper caused by rolling and stretching.
There is also: the temperature is generally controlled to 40-60 degrees Celsius. Too high temperature will deform the paper and film, forming a product bending, but not too low, otherwise it will form a viscous not good. Copperplate paper should be slightly cooler than offset paper.
For the motor life, it still depends on the standard operation of daily use and timely repair. As long as the correct operation, protection and maintenance are maintained, it is the guarantee for the durable operation of the film covering machine. Of course, the maintenance of other parts is also very important. So careful maintenance and protection is a good way to extend the life of the machine.

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