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How to Save the Consumption of Film Coating Machine

2019-06-13DMS Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Film coating process is widely used in all kinds of packaging and decoration printing products in China. Books, books, calendars, maps and other forms of binding are very popular printing appearance processing technology. Film-coating technology came into China in the 1980s, because of its many advantages, it became popular in the country in a very short time, and gradually became the favorite of book decoration.
Nowadays, people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, and the relevant laws and regulations are constantly improving. The two major problems of pollution in the process of Film-covering and the difficulty of reusing the Film-covering products when they are discarded lie in front of people. When people mention the Film-covering machine, people often think of "white pollution". Many people in the industry have doubts about the function of film-coating and its sustainable application. In Order No. 32 issued by the former Economic and Trade Commission in 2002, solvent-based film-coating machines have been included in the third batch of Catalogue of Screening Outdated Production Capacity, Technology and Products.
Certainly, in the future development process, the film coating technology will withstand more and more testing. How will the film cover be developed? Is it a thorough screening or a rational development? These problems will become unavoidable problems in the process of film coating.
Savings in Film-covering machine operation can save cost to a great extent, which is also the basic operation specification of Film-covering machine. Here are some suggestions on how to save film.
The texture direction of the film, especially the thick film, should be paid attention to during coating, so as to reduce the bending of the film due to rolling and stretching.
The film covering machine should pay attention to the control of speed, according to the practice experience and changes in information to control speed, as far as possible to maintain uniform speed;
Film data must be straight. Uneven films with "lotus leaf edge" and "tight edge" should be treated. The "lotus leaf edge" film can be baked and the "tightly edged" paper can be hanging and airing.
To control the temperature well, too high temperature will deform the film and bend the product, but it can not be too low, otherwise the viscosity will not be enough. According to the different coating data, we can control the temperature according to our own experience, so as to save the amount of film to a large extent.

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