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Composite cutting machine

DMS special-shaped cutting machine is mainly used for CNC cutting of flexible materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, soft glass and honeycomb structure in composite materials. It is specialized in sports equipment, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, yacht, teaching, green energy, communication equipment, etc. Get the actual application.


DMS composite industry computer cutting machine:

1. Overcut optimization function: Using CAM software independently developed by TPS, system optimization of tool physical overcut phenomenon, maximum reduction of graphic contour, bringing perfect cutting effect to customers

2. Intelligent countertop compensation function: the flatness of the countertop is detected by a high-precision distance detector, and the plane is corrected in real time by software to ensure high-quality cutting effect.

3. Positive and negative cutting function: combined with the desktop detection function to realize intelligent positive and negative graphic cutting function

4. Automatic tool setting function: fast and simple automatic tool setting system, using fiber laser sensor to accurately detect the tool and improve the efficiency of tool setting

5. Tool quick change module: simple and efficient tool holder quick change system, making operation easier and convenient

6. Multi-task efficient cycle cutting, intelligent adsorption configuration

Adaptor & Application Materials

  • Carbon fiber products

    Carbon fiber products

    Civil engineering, aircraft manufacturing, aerospace technology, transportation

    Tool selection

    Wheel cutter

  • Yoga mat

    Yoga mat

    Yoga mat, thermal insulation material

    Tool selection

    Vibrating knife

  • carbon fiber

    carbon fiber

    Bulletproof helmet, bulletproof suit, helicopter wing, early warning aircraft radome, various high pressure pressure vessels, etc.

    Tool selection

    Wheel cutter

  • Soft glass

    Soft glass

    Hygiene products, packaging supplies, fashion packaging

    Tool selection

    Vibrating knife

  • PVC gasket

    PVC gasket

    Hygiene products, packaging supplies, fashion packaging

    Tool selection

    Vibrating knife

  • Composite cutting machine cutting machine hardware advantages
  • Head design

    With a convenient and replaceable head design concept, the tool heads with different functions can be replaced and added according to actual needs.
  • Communication

    The data interface is a Gigabit network interface, which enables remote upgrade and maintenance, and the transmission speed is fast and the distance is long.
  • Countertop

    Adopting advanced and mature rolling table design, aluminum “honeycomb” vacuum adsorption platform maintains a flat cutting platform and improves cutting precision.
  • Control System

    Independent research and development of human-machine interface operating system, humanized design, intelligent recognition of knife cutting, fast capture of cutting targets.
  • Imported felt

    Imported felt, wear-resistant, breathable, ensuring high flatness of the cutting platform.
  • Collision avoidance

    Safety anti-collision system to ensure the safety of operators.
  • Digital cutting machine software features

    DMS digital cutting machine adopts self-developed CAM software, and user requirements are perfectly integrated into software design. It is a fully automatic intelligent cutting system that combines the three advantages of performance, speed and quality, which can complete full cutting, half cutting, boring and milling, and quickly. Various processes such as punching, crease, marking, etc., the operation is simple and convenient, the function is rich and practical, and the tool quick change module can meet the customization requirements of the user.

    绘图软件特点 贝博手机版软件特点

    Schematic diagram of the cutting process


     Composite cutting machine cutting Technical Parameters

    Main technical parameters of the equipment

    Technical parameters / model
    Tools can be easily changed, with ornamental engraving, milling, vibration cutting, half cutting and creasing, drawing, the cursor position and optional precise camera position
    Safety device
    Using infrared sensors, respondive, safe
    Moving speed
    Cutting speed
    200-1200mm/s(according to different cutting materials)
    Cutting thickness
    40mm(More than 40mm can be customized
    Material Fixed
    Vaccum System
    Cutting tolerance
    Servo resolution
     Transmission interface
    Network transmission distance
    ≤350 m
    Buffer capacity
    Transmission system
    Import (Digital servo motor、Linear guide、Synchronous belt、Screw、Gear)
    Normal power
    380V± 10%
    Working Range
    Max feeding width
    Product size
    Packing Size
    Gross Weight
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